im in love

August 30, 2010

u know that i know… now just do it already

August 14, 2010

hidden worlds…..hidden secrets…..secret garden….


do i do ibizizzzaaaaaa

July 21, 2010


July 14, 2010

i gay’d out

i got a facebook

my life is over

cANdi ?

July 7, 2010

Ohhhhh im sooooo lucky… I got sent a link to this site

which led to me uploading and sending this pic

i took myself to the candi shop coz im a big girl now

Which led to this

Panty Sniffer

July 6, 2010

Sooo as i was talking about wetting myself at the thought of Gav and Darth being gay for each other it reminded me of a little past day event that me and the Team Meat Machine girls came up with..

PantySniffer !!

Picture this

July 5, 2010

For those who dont know me I love pictures… well not all but well the ones that can be found on these sites:


I tend to like the more sexual ones…. so I was told of these sites so I done the good thing and passed them along as you do… So I have now been given a new site….. and I feel I must pass this onto you all !

Its a little more sexual and OMGZ some of the stuff aint SFW !!!


one of my fav pics being this one

Sweet Ass Candy

You prob thing im a total lezzer now but no I just appreciate hotness!

I also put some of my own pics up on a well known site and I must say that some of the haters !!! 😦 its like hellooo you are getting to look at free tits at least be a little nice !!! uhuh!! but no these fat balding old men are not happy !! CUNTS !!

other newssss check my post tomorrow

its my fake birthday today

June 16, 2010

Its my real one tomorrow… I will be 29 but if Mr Yum is reading this im 24

I got this card


These are a few of my favourite thingssss

June 15, 2010

I now hate that song… Ive heard it sooo much over the last month planning for Mr Yums bday which turned out to be amazing !! ie he loved my presents… and my outfit….

Soooo things that have happened lately in pictures…


Oink Oink

Candy Yum Much?

Hopefully One Of Mr Yums Fav Things

Blue Satin Sashes

Fish Finger Muffin !!

New Tattoo

Close up

eh aye

oh oh oh ohhhhhhhhhh excitement!

June 11, 2010


its that time again.. Mr Yums birthday….. so what you say..

well soooo what indeed… all shall be revealed tomorrow… he is gonna love it!

Theme this year

no it aint.. i just had to put that in, its wierd!!!! why dont she open her mouth?

this is the theme!! u will think its worse

I got something welllllll cool for him!

he is super yum fyi

This is Cyprus

May 31, 2010

Sooo ive told you already it was amazing !! and now still I wanna go back !!! I hope Mr Yum will want to go back with me coz we did have fun and we did manage to put up with each other for the whole time !!

Here are some pics of cyprus….

Little upskirt

wet tshirt contest fail


fat tits n hubby

fat tits

Yeah so thats fat tits.. we saw her most days of our time there down by the pool until some london scum came and moved her tit rest (sun lounger) so she didnt come back down to the pool.. shame I was starting to have a thing for beer bellies on women…

I wanna go back !!!! fix it mr yum!


May 26, 2010

ohhh im sooo confussed!!!

I woke up late this morning and its just made me all blah today… my head is confussed sooo much and Im over thinking !!!! i hate when this happens !!!

to much to do and hardly anytime !!!

n now after cyprus I miss mr yum…

it sux sooo much!!!


May 13, 2010

why do people in glasgow call a fringe a can can ?? and bangs? wtf are they??

I call a fringe a fringe !! and side burns side burns !!!

I got a fringe you see !!! I didnt like it at first.. its growing… on me

queue picture !! and no doubt mr yum think to himself what a poser !

well ha!

omgzzz a week today and I will be naked in cyprus ! hhahah

wordpress told me to ncall this pic The Mona Lisa

omgz omgz omgz omgzzzzz that boy does it again!

May 9, 2010

Omgz ! im the happiest girl in the world !!!!

Mr Yum has teased me for a week now about a little surprise he was planning !! little !! omgzzz !! I just found out !!

Mr Yum ( ❤ ) is taking me away for 3 nights !!! (no its not dubai as he pointed out a few times.. ? wierdo) we are going to Cyprus !! omgzzzzzzzz im like mega excited ! ive never been to a place like that on holiday !! this is gonna be amazing ! and sooo niceee and pretty and omgzzz just like sunn!!!!!

Lots of whoops await !! OMgzz I ❤ Mr Yum like mega right now !!! soo gay I know but him being away its hard !! even though he aint u know but omgzz when he does things like this … it makes the waiting months and months !! aggghhhh sooo worth it !

that was gay ! but not intended ! im just saying im sooooooooooo happy! never ever did I expect this !! wowowowowoowo !!

but obv my bday to him is gonna be like sooo much better !! 😛 obv !!

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i just cant wait !!!!!!!!

and to top it all off !! he is home on friday !! for 2nights only!! omgz he is gonna be live in my livingroom !!! yeahhhhhhhhh !! 🙂

quicktime ?

April 22, 2010

Does anyone know how to change your quick time vids to media player?

Life Model

April 19, 2010

With my new found confidence all thanks to Mr Yum and his yet another amazing idea I want to partake in a new adventure..
Life Modelling !! I think it would e sooo much fun !

Does anyone have any contacts or help with this? I have taken to emailing all the Uni’s in Glasgow that have Art classes Ive never done it before but willing to give it a shot !

I also want to get on tv this year.. just because 🙂

but that I can concur another day !

Its all sooooo exciting !

simple shite

April 5, 2010

i made a vid for mr yum

he said that i would get Mick H to play me in my life….

right back at ya Mick!! and Mr Yum !!! coz i played him!


April 5, 2010

Words cannot describe this masterpiece!

I love the fake elvis dancing, the sleaze up, the battle, the magic disappearing, the indian hitler ohhhh there is to much !!! watch it all to the end !!

I dooooo love the tune! v catchy!

Milk me….

April 2, 2010

Today I am ill.. I have the cold… and when I get the cold I turn into the lamest person ever… I really cant cope with it.. I cry and wallow around in self pity text and email like sooooo much and a snuggle up in my mums cardi’s and my KLM blanket… I know exactly what im doing and I know exactly how pathetic and annoying it is…. so why do I do it???

The lameness bugs the fuck out me as does the txtn n emailing coz it just means I dont get replies !!! so what do i do? yeah i txt more !!!! omgzz get over your lameness… !


Today my dad gave me some of his special tablets… they made me all wonky and monged lol.. they helped my very bad cold indeed!

Im very excited about tomorrow, that is another reason why I think im ill. ever since primary school its happened.. I remember the bring and buy sale at school we all got our own little stalls… I was sooo excited I was ill…. but coz i was sooooo excited I wanted to goto the “big” event regardless… it ended up in me in tears and the school nurse sending me home… my parents did try to stop me going in the first place!

For some reason im picturing in my head its gonna be all sunny and warm and we will sit outside drinking wine but its totally not gonna be like that !! it will however involve me getting drunk and buying stupid little things for Mr Yum and cool sweeties that I love that I just assume he will love when I know he doesnt really…. ha!

one day I will have my own sweety/craft/nakedness shop!

well I that is that as they say down the dairy farm….

speaking of dairy and milk I watched a spider get milked on tv the other day… they pinned it down, they said it didnt hurt the spider but I was thinking really how do they know that? It aint like its charlottes web now is it!! anyway it was pretty yuk! pulling out the thread from its little bobbins inside and the goo kinda attatched to it… it made me cross my legs!

I like surprises

April 2, 2010

I do!

they are like wowowowoowowowowo!

can I have one please…

Page 3 eat your heart out

March 31, 2010

naked ceilidh

So the Naked Ceilidh was in the papers today…

The Metro, Sun, Star, Record.. dont know about the scotsman…

Now I done this for a reason and I feel great for doing it to celebrate and yeah im happy… yet why do I feel a wee bit 😦 coz you can hardly see my face ….

oh well that aside I am lucky to be in something that will be a part of history and lucky to be photographed by the lovely Mr Devine!


Down Llandudno Yup Yup

March 29, 2010

Im down in Wales with work,,, just me myself…

Today for my tea I went to KFC tomorrow I may venture to the INdian.

So I went to the KFC (excuse me mr yum will i repeat my joke) and they got your own little sell service thing.. its like playing KFC at home !! however im thinking what next? Make my own Zinger ?? Oh puleeaseeee…

Afterwards I spoke to the tramp who was sitting outside, he wasnt a mega tramp, he was a hippy type guy he had 3 dogs and dreadlocks he seemed cool.. tomorrow he said he may take me to the caves.. but I dont think I will go.. no no no coz thats bad that is…

So this is wales

Down the Promenade


and this is what Im doing down in Wales

Somethings never change!!!

Naked Ceilidh Done!

March 28, 2010

Sneak Preview!

So today was the day of the naked Ceilidh..

I decided that I was going to be brave! Mr Yum would tell you I am the most paranoid person body wise but OMGZ today.. Im a changed woman ! well girl.. yes girl!

I went there and started talking to people straight away.. hang on .. you aint interested in this…

We all got naked ! Im sure we all had a sly peek.. omgz Ive never saw so many diff bodies… you know it didnt feel sexual at all.. it felt good! I stood there infront of everyone and got naked!!

We done what we had to do and it worked well.. I kinda did want to be the girl coming down the front but because of tit size I couldnt..of cours nothing to do with my minging face 😛

After we had done our work we decided to actually do a bit of the Strip the Willow and then we all went round in a circle for ages it was great fun, bits flying everywhere and then lastly we done that run into the centre and then back out.. it was soo lol.

Im soooo proud of myself for doing it ! and Im sooo happy that Mr Yum encouraged me to do it !

I would totally do it again ! the people doing it were sooo nice and we chatted like we had knew each other for a while!

I got my pic taken for the Sun and the Scotsman, I prob look totally horrible in it.. but … It had to be done! I had to mark this milestone in my life…


March 28, 2010


i love that feeling I get

after a yahoo


March 27, 2010

I love gumtree!! anybody who knows me knows I love it!!

Its full of good stuff and some just totally wierd !! Ive used it a few times for lots of things and some pranks… today whilst I was looking for something I found this add




Why I replied straight away ! I mean come on he is a professional !! wtf!
obv i didnt reply but the guy is totally wierd aint he ! and like 33 people have looked at it …

I may txt him ” get a job”

oh how lame

Naked Dancing ?!?

March 23, 2010

Tomorrow I go for an “informal chat” about doing the Naked Celidh.. informal.. does that mean i dont have to get my minge out?

I realllly really really wanna get chosen to do this!! ive not thought it all out yet though like how will i feel standing next to a fat mans willy as he pretends to do the gay gordons! or how will i feel when an old burd with perter tits than me! or will any guys get a hard on?? and will someone make the “Stripping the Willow ” joke…

Should be fun .. I looked at his last one and well some people did have it all on show… I wouldnt mind… but I could jus imagine my dads face ! lol..

The pub that its happening in aswell looks soooooo gorgeous !

no goodbye…

March 13, 2010

Soooo .. 😦 .. sorry this is as hard for me to write this as it is for you to read it….

I admit I took my time to reply but.. I never expected this… I replied to my princess’s last email as follows:

Hi my russian princess,

I am so sorry that I have not been in touch in several days I have been very busy with my business it is doing so well just now I just had to work very hard with it there this week.

3 times a day that is good ! you are a healthy girl !! they say that breakfast is the best meal of the day…

i do love a romantic !! I think that me and you will have many romantic nights in my yacht ! candlelight nights watching the stars in the sky.. the moon rise and the sun set! poetry !

You say you get very little pay.. money is not everything.. but i can assure you , if you are with me you will never need to worry.. i do not wish to blow my own penis but i do have a very good salary owning my own company.

I do reward kindness with kindness.. i can tell by your words that you are a kind gentle loving woman.. 🙂 I cannot wait to hear back from you today.. I have missed your words terribly..

I must go now because I am still very busy.. im trying to crack a deal !

I await your reply my princess !

all my love

a nice email i think you will find..
my reply from hotmail was this:

This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification. THIS IS A WARNING MESSAGE ONLY. YOU DO NOT NEED TO RESEND YOUR MESSAGE. Delivery to the following recipients has been delayed.

Oh! thats what I thought.,.. oh! indeed and today! well i get this…

This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification. Unable to deliver message to the following recipients, due to being unable to connect successfully to the destination mail server.

My princess is gone ! gone!!!!!!!

I feel so .. so .. so empty inside…

did i move to fast? say to much? no more pictures 😦 no more love.. nothing

do you view me as a sex object?

March 7, 2010

Holllddd up!!! My smokin bitch be back rat a tat tat’n at my email door….. Wow ! I sure got a way with the Nigerian Men !!! wooohooo ! they must see me as some hell of a guy!!!! Guys lock up your ladiessss I beee a heart taker!!

Today my princess says:

Hello, my dear! I can see, our correspondence has become a good habit. (( its now 3 days since she sent this I just cant be bothered replying yet.. treat them mean etc etc)) This is stno, and I think that there’s anything wrong with that. I hope soon it will grow into something more. ((me to coz i aint writing these emails for free!))

Today, as usual, I have a lot of work when come home, I will simply without power. But I still need to cook dinner. ((you you you)) I usually eat 3 times a day, because on more than enough time.(( greedy bitch)) In my work I have quite forgotten that I can be very romantic, because I love flowers and I have a botanical garden at home.I have many different kinds of flowers, I love when the house of many colors, they raise the spirits. Green calms.My favorite flowers – white roses, all men, tended to give the red, but if you once gave me a bouquet of flimsy, the only white roses:)) (( do i sound like alan titsmarsh to you??? ))

By its nature, I love adventure and love to travel, but due to my work, I can not at this time.I have a very long dream to a great trip, see the world, other countries. Who knows perhaps all my dreams fulfilled in time. (( you mean once I pay up)) I do not know whether you are interested to know what I dream? ((as a bloke no I do fucking not… however as Im a girl I shall entertain your need coz I know what its like gf when mr yum yawwwnss at my dreams and pretend sleeps.. u know that way when guys do that.. u feel me gf … oh wait… nigeria..male ))

A lot of what you already know that I dream to a great trip.In addition the family, I dream to get married have children, if my future husband will want to have children.I dream to have a good and easy job that I will love, at my current job, I feel not very comfortable.I have very little pay, I feel that I am able to better and greater. (( and do you feel that you could get that from where exactly??? ))
Hours of my work increased, while wages remained the same.In short I am very difficult to say more than that. But I am in any case not going to hang around their necks the first counterclaim, it is not in my rules.I love to work, ((well keep up with it then ))

I always respond to kindness with kindness, I see if a person sincerely wants to help, and I always answer it the same. I need a man for whom I will, like a stone wall.((wtf are you talking about woman.. muttering on about something ? walls what?? )) Such a man I will give everything: love, attention and all my tenderness.I want to relax with him, sit by the fireplace at night, or just watch the film on DVD, so now all my dreams. I want to fall in love once and for all! Maybe you’re just the man, whom I was looking for a lifetime? (( maybe I am baby, maybe I am…or maybe Im not..))

Yet I must tell you that you are attract my attention. It’s true. This is more than curiosity.Tell me honestly, do you think I am beautiful, do you view me as a sex object? (( I see you as something yes… I just cant quite put my finger on it just yet… hmmm maybe in time))

Or do you see in me something more?? ((( this really intersts me now.. I mean really its been what 5 days of emails and my princess asks this.. I mean really come on… in normal life the answer would be get tae fuck you bunny boiler.. in tv famous land we would be married already… I love you katya! ))) This is important for me and I ask you to answer this question. UUUps, I, I entirely forgot that I need to prepare an article for tomorrow morning. I forgot about while writing this letter to you, sometimes I go dispersed.I must come and finish the article otherwise I will get to work. (( you mean you have more emails to send to other men and women.. of course who am I to stop you trying your best to earn a buck)) I would be happy to see your reply soon.I really do not notice how time flies)) This is all because of my high interest to you! (( you mean im the only one that replied)) I wish you good mood, your Katya!

Ahhhh her words take your breath away .. and no doubt soon some poor guys cash… imagine if she did con me out of cash.. lol obv she wont but imagine lol … sometimes I think did Mr Yums cleaner con me by giving me a sob story.. but then I did make her tell me stuff sooo.. hmmm maybe she didnt.. but anyway..

your more interested in the pics.. i know i know.. what did she send me then… lets look shall we..

Wind Swept Beauty

Ohhh whats that your holding naughty girl

in the words of Jason Donovan.. Seallleddd with a kiss

March 6, 2010

She didnt wish to flatter me… yet she did… so I just had to reply to my princess…


Thank you again for such a lovely big email.. always lots to read with you … aint there.

virtual sex? no no that is not my style, really what is the point in that? you cannot show your love through virtual sex.. when we meet. I will show you what it is like to be in love.. ( this was me trying to see if she would mention anything about not being able to afford the flight… it costs alot from nigeria)

love on the internet i admit it is very strange. I would never put myself forward for anything like that.. you hear about all these false women and men on the internet and this scares me.. how someone could lie to someone.. ( i do wonder if they would click at this bit at what i was getting at?? ) I am lucky that i have found you well you found me but i am lucky.. you are honest.. not like the rest I hear about. (hahaha right at ya!)
I was surprised to get an email from you because I dont know where you got my email address from? was it the dating site? or maybe a friend of a friend? (again i say I would never do internet dating yet did she find my details on a site? honestly my comedy talents are lost on her/him)

I like how you say you are not great at growth.. that is funny way to say it 🙂 you are petite ! perfectly formed as what i can see from your pictures ! you take a good picture ! i like the differnet ones you have sent.. different poses. you seem like a fun girl.. are you a fun girl> do you like to have fun? you always smile that is important. ( i thought i better romance a bit!! i mean if im gonna get them to send me funds! )

my spare time. i like to make pottery.. i also like to dress up as I am in films sometimes, small films for small companies.. I worked along side bob monkhouse ! have you heard of him?
I actually was i n a film with a russian man.. it was called ” Run like the wind to Russia” it was a good film, i enjoyed making it, the russian man.. Peter his name was.. well that is what it transflated to. he is a good man.. (( yes i have a great imagination))

If i was a married man I would not write to you.. because that would be wrong.. i believe in love. and to cheat on your wife no! they have a saying here ” your wife she is for life” this means that your wife will always be with you forever !!! this is how it should be yes? a good loving honest marriage! ((wtf am i talking about.. i try to see how much rubbish i can talk in one email to her/him))

you ask if i am a gentle man.. gentle yes of course ! again a hard harsh man would never take time to write to you no no no… (ohhh i crack myself up)

are you happy in russia? or do you wish to be in another place?? i have travelled many countries… but i love home the best.

it may be a distance away from you.. but our emails with bring us closer and then maybe.. if I am lucky, i could visit you? or you me? of course I would not expect you to pay .. (giving some bait ! )

I hope to hear from you very soon, i wish i did not have to wait until tomorrow to hear from you again my sweet.



so there you go ! this is what I write to my princess.. my my she is lucky! find out later what she replied to me !!

I do not want to flatter you but……

March 5, 2010

Oh thinks seem to be going good with katya ! So far we have exchange 3 or 4 emails each.. as I said I didnt keep the email I sent to her and she has a habbit of not replying with history however the email after this one I did keep… Now what does my Nigerian Prince(es) have to say today…

You may not want to disappoint me? Very kind of you. (i thought so) I do not want to flatter you, but I was lucky to be with you. (when were we together?? what did I fall asleep again!!! ) Before you do I come across men who are interested in Virtual Sex, or just write me a complete nonsense. ( I would never do that as a man) I am almost disappointed, thinking that it’s a bad idea to seek love on the Internet believe that it is not really find a good man through the Internet. ( no because really katya you cant trust anyone on the internet!!!) You dispelled my doubts, you seem to me perfectly normal and pleasant, I am right? (well ive been meaning to tell you ummmm)

Let me tell you about myself a little more, how it is possible to describe in the letter. (you do seem to talk alot about yourself, even when I dont ask about you) For me, it is important that you have the representation of me.I will help you create a physical representation of me. ( why? you are sending me plenty of pictures.. i know what you look like) I am not a great growth, my growth 168 cm, while I veshu 48 kg.I think that I am not a bad figure, is in my genes and I do not have to disappear for hours in the halls of fitness to keep himself in shape. (hahahahahhaha is all i can say ) For me to lead an active life than I do. I love sports, summer, often doing scamper. (scamper? where you eat scampy? where you scamper away to a little hidey hole? where you hide from the real nigerians in ur village?? )

In the winter time I can with my friends to go to the rink or go skiing ( In nigeria???? ) We in Russia are many good ski resorts.The most famous resort – it was “Krasnaya Polyana”, which is located in the city of Sochi, there will be the winter Olympics in 2014. Perhaps you have heard about this? Interesting (really is it ? I mean you seem to cut it off quick.) , but how you spend your spare time? What are you doing? ( i like to email back pretend russian women and then blog about it you??) In my free time I like to read books, go to the theater or museum.I love movies, often with girlfriends go to cinema. And you? I prefer drama or adventure.My favorite movie is called “Fountain”, it withdrew Darran Aranofski, which is my favorite director.I love going to the pool, in my childhood I was engaged in swimming. In fact, when my work is my little free time. (yawwwwwwnnnn me me me me)

If I have a free minute, I spend it in the kitchen, always loved to cook, I say not bad at it.(good you can be my slave) Life in Russia is unusual, accounting for a lot of work to ensure a smooth stay. I hope you do not think our dialogue unnecessary and inappropriate? ( planting the little seeds that you work to hard.. its ok i dont mind that inapporiate that you soon wish to ask for money its ok ) I hope you feel that this will lead to serious results? If you do not trust me, there’s no point to continue, (me not trust you.. the thought never crossed my mind) but if you believe that this can turn out something more, I will be very happy to continue correspondence. ( you would be happy anyway so dont give me it, im your king baby im your king!! )

Good that you like me are free from that, there is nothing to limit us in our communication. I believe that the relationship with a married man will not lead to anything good. I have over two years trying to find a serious relationship, but because I was looking in Russia, it did not lead to anything real.My last relationship ended two years ago, they did not have success, I changed my guy with another woman.( this makes no sense.. u went lesbo? or ur guy dumped you for a woman? ) Naturally, I immediately severed all ties and do not wish to support them. Frankly, in my life were three men. But I was not lucky.Recently, a man can not offer anything other than sex, it is sad, but I hope not one of them? I want to believe that you are passionate and gentle man! (sometimes I want to believe that to )

In fact, I apsolyutny aptimist, all the failures I have met with a smile and faith in the future. If you smile more often, the world around you smile in response.If, despite the distance, you are interested in me, then I’m happy. I have time to bid farewell to you. I hope that tomorrow at lunch, I find your answers to my questions.By, by, Katya!

and with that my sweet princess and I parted.. well until today… 🙂

So along with that email my beauty sent me 2 more pictures.. Im sooo lucky to have such an attractive woman want me.. it makes up for the fact that she talks sooo much!!

as guetta says \

tru love russian style!

March 4, 2010

Ive met my true love!!! She is from Russia.. she is called Katya… she is petite!!! Let me translate… Its a Nigerian Man… but lets not tell her Im a girl…

Sooo I think I got an email saying this:

Hi, may be strange, but I could not ignore your profile.This type of man to draw me, I want to know you better with your permission.May be you whant to see some more of ny photos?I would be happy to answer your. Katya!

saucy slut

I knew it was lies so I replied, hi to you.. and I got this…

Hello!Thank you for taking the time to answer me. I am now at work and the risk of being noticed by my boss, who objected to my working hours flirt with men on the Internet. yet she goes on later to complain about men who are after one thing.. yet she tells me she flirts with men online ??

I think that first of all I have to introduce myself, my name isEkaterina, I am 27 years old. I think that you have already guessed that I live in Russia, my city of Saint Petersburg, Leningrad region.Do you know where to find my city? if i cared maybe I would look It is located in north-western Russia, near the border with Finland.A beautiful city, but boring. Plus ca us almost the whole year round because of the cold northern location. I think that if you are clever, sociable and honest person, we will be able to quickly find a common language. would that common language be money? I am always glad to new acquaintances, but acquaintances through the Internet for me, something new and I do not know if it’s working, but try to be.

I am now free from the relationship, so if you want to take care of me, I would be happy:)) I work as editor of the newspaper “Life”. I think you can imagine what it is. As journalists, I, I graduated from the faculty of journalism in St. Petersburg.I studied over 5 years, 2 of 5, I studied English. Although my English is not very good, I hope you will forgive me if I make mistakes in the letter? you studied english and journalism yet ur english is crap? beats me Now I live in an apartment of my parents, it is small, but I have enough space.

My parents are not with me unfortunately.Dad died in 2004, my mother went through a year after his father. Incidentally, my father was a Russian, a German mother. They met in Germany when my father was studying there on exchange. I forgot to ask you, you are not worried that I’m from Russia? I do not know how do you feel about the girls from Russia? Perhaps you were surprised when they saw that I live in Sweden? what the hell are you talking about ? where did it say sweden? All this is explained by the fact that the agency had not taken my Russian address in the registration and I had to do a little trick. so you play tricks do you? not that honest are you then really? despite going on again about honest men blah blah yawwwnn
Of course I regret that we now can not go together to have a cup of coffee, due to the distance between us. so what there was no distance between me and sweden? helloooo did you ever study geography?? do you know where to find my country?? But in any event, any distance can be reduced if desired. you mean if i transfer money into your account

In general, I think that it’s not a problem, and you? I hope we will be able to communicate normally. For me, easy to communicate with you, because I am a simple girl and simple. “Without the king’s head” – as told my father:))To me there is not a drop of pathos inherent in many modern girls do not know good or bad?I just like an open book in front of you, but I must tell you immediately that I ische only serious relationship, marriage, family and all that this should be!No virtual sex and neither of dirt, I do not accept! I hope you have a real man and will not give all sorts of dirty jokes?I want to have a serious relationship with foreign men, because I believe that they are more serious and have more lenient attitudes.

I have never been married and I have no children, and that you? Do you have children? Are you married? If you are not married, who handles cases in the home: laundry, cooking and other household items? nosey bitch!! I believe that a man without a woman is difficult to cope with all the affairs of the house?I attached a few of my photos to this letter and I look forward to you the same! I await your response if it is followed. I wish you good mood and a good day.Sincerely, Katya!

She doesnt like any of that dirt yet likes to grab stone cocks

She talks alot dont she !!! I couldnt be fucked with that …
however I replied…..

I will post her reply later…

i am the luckiest…

March 3, 2010

thank you for always making me smile

A Treat! 4th

March 2, 2010


Whilst im trying to Derron Brown myself another Trip to Dubai here are some other pics for you guys to have a wee look over!

(as i left my laptop at my bit I cant do my chat blog thing)

As you can see I had fun….


 i cant wait to go up there…..












aww dubai i wanna see you

so there we have it ! dubai ! how I love it soooooo…. it makes me smile sooo  much when im there 🙂 I hope mr yum lets me go back real soon !! i dont wanna wait months 😦

je renifle mes chaussettes (f9)

February 21, 2010
Soooo that is me back from the glorious Dubai and the HOTTTT Mr Yum !

I had yet another amazing time…. I was sooooo happy to see Mr Yum and get a squeeze from him… He looks hotter than ever !! like wowowowoow!

This time in Dubai .. well I didnt get up the big building coz it was closed Hmmmm how could this be ! and I didnt go to the water park as it wasnt really that Hot ! and Mr Yum didnt wnat to take me hahahha.

He took me see this…omgz get excited !! coz I was as you can telll !!!

All very awwwwsummmmm !!

This happened at Monster Truck show aswell and I thought lol lol lame

Here are some other vids from Dubai…

I love this water foutain in the mall

I saw this one day when I went down to Festival City so I could go and see the Panda Store and Visit Ikea.. lame i knowwwwww

I would love to do it but it freaks me out be in a big bubble like that…

Yes Oh!  I kept making vids when I wanted to tke a pic.. I love these palm trees like soooooo much!

And here it is my TallestBuilding IN the world ! I love it soooooo much!!! I but fell on its side..

Sparkle Sparkle….

And here is my lame attempt of a Vtines day for Mr Yum.. He got cooler suff like presents and I dressed up that was obv the best part for him!

What more could you really want !!!

I also went down the Creek on a boat with my friend Dave.. it was fun!

Now for some picturesssssss


Night life in Dubai

Festival City

Pretty Palms

Mmmm Yum!

I had a really good time in Dubai… Mr Yum was righ it is nice to go away when everyone else is grumpy in the snow… I cant wait to go back soon! I hope he lets me go in…. hahah 🙂

I really am the Happiest Girl in the World !

I never ever ever ever would have thought that I would have ever wen to dubai ! let alone 3 times ! he is v good to me that much is true.

I ❤ Mr Yum and Dubai

Im going to ikea today….

January 30, 2010

What fun…
the story of ikea
i love it
i hated it
i loatttheeeddd it
i love it once more

will anything happen there today? or will i just eat meatballs ?

I made a vid… it is shit

January 22, 2010

I havent made one in ages…. and well it shows !

OMGZ I Soooooo Am!

January 13, 2010
OMGZ omgz omgzzz its soooooooooooo amazing!
what ??
omgzz thissssssss

wow wow wow

YES !!! thats right!!! omgzzz im going back !! and this time !! im going up the tallest building in the world !!! OMGZ !!! soooo happy!!
Mr Yum is truely toooooo good to me!!!!
Cant wait !!! 9th Feb is soooo soon :0


November 15, 2009

I ❤ teknology

So its 3d week on Chan 4 starting on Monday.. Im kinda excited.. I love teknology geekology like this..

Im looking forward to seeing if it actually does work.. My Tv is practically 3d anyway its soooo big so I reckon I could just get a quality street wrapper and it would work (the yellow one)

lol i used to love doing that when i was younger.. actually i would still do it now..

So Sainburys is giving the glasses away free!! I should know i reckon I have about 60 pairs..  why so many you may ask? well im planning on making a dress… even Mr Yum guessed this !! im predictable now it seems.. or maybe he just knows me.. either way Im making a dress and OMGZ im gonna be 3d or maybe I should make a bra n pants again like the Irn Bru ones?


fizzy,ginger,not phenomenal

Now that would be something.. a 3d bra top and then u had to look at it through 3d glasses omgzz hello!!

someone (person will remain nameless) actually sent me a link for a 3d porn site!! soooo cool… this is basic tecknology and I love it!

Anyway Im looking forward to watching the 3d telly Derren Brown and some other magic guys doing tricks for me..  like they are actually in my livingroom.. I mean really I could just go  and  see a magic show but then i dont get to sit and pick my nose and wat not in a magic place now do I…

Oh and on a completey unrelated subject… Mr Yum had said to me he had a countdown for me.. it was going to be called “the event” Plan A…. but also a Plan B.. (honestly he thinks of everything) well unfort Plan A aint going to be able to go ahead.. I dont know what it was… but I bet it was amazing because well Plan B is going ahead and OMGGZZZZ its sooo amazing so I can only Imagine Plan A was to… so Plan B well

Im going back to Dubai !!! OMGZZZZZZZZZ im such a lucky girl !!! so im going at the end of Jan for a long weekend.. which im hoping he will allow 7 days .. coz I would like to just chill in the sun… and not be a pest and totally behave and not wake you up early in the morn with my singing.. sorry not wake him up….. im sooo excited and soo happy and I get to go up the biggest buidling in the world ! wow wow wow !!!

I ❤ Dubai

As i write all this two little kittens are biting and licking me and trying to catch the keys on the comp… Im kitten sitting for my friend for her little kitties Sebastian and Dexter.. sooo cute..


teknology and geekery.. dubai and smiles…

I ❤ to much to mention right now !


Dubai in pics!

October 24, 2009

At last….. My Dubai Pics !!!


my favourite place

my favourite place


That Building Tiger Woods Done That Thingy From

That Building Tiger Woods Done That Thingy From


Beach View

Beach View


Water Boat

Water Boat


Tinky Lane

Tinky Lane


Mall Art

Mall Art


Water Works

Water Works


The Metro

The Metro


Squiggle Squiggle -Starbucks-

Squiggle Squiggle -Starbucks-


The Gorgeous Mr Yum

The Gorgeous Mr Yum


Dubai Street Art

Dubai Street Art


Dubai Halloween

Dubai Halloween


Dubai Halloween Outfit

Dubai Halloween Outfit


So Not as many as last time but still some really amazing memories !! 

I ❤ Dubai ! and Gorgeous Dubai Street Art ! xxx


October 14, 2009

What can i say? Again it all totally blew my mind !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love dubai ! its like wow !!! I cant explain it.. I never ever thought I would cope in such heat… that I would like it.. feel comfortable but I do !! and omgzz I cant wait to go again.

I was sooooooooo lucky ! this time i went for 7 days ! and the gorgeous Mr Yum was very brave to put up with me for so long…. but i know he enjoyed me being there, waking him up at 7am with my terrible singing !! Gosh I love this man !!

This time I went to SAGA world which is known to the outsiders as SEGA world !! and wow wow wow !! totalllllyyyyy amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so much fun was had and mr yum felt a little blah after hahahahhaha… We also went to the water park and I went on the big scarey chute !(leap of faith dubai)  and 1st i may add… It was sooooooo omgzz scary and my top came off hahaha so everyone got an eyefull… talk about a whoops !!

Actually speaking of Whoops !! Me and Mr Yum made Whoops vids !! very lol and seem very popular !

I had such an amazing time! ive left with some very very nice pictures ! and one pic that made me smile alllllllll night ! and well eveytime i think about it Im smiling !

Happiest girl in the world !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats me !! and all because he is the way he is and I love him for it !  he takes chances !

(gay’d up totally but please just shut up and take it)



pics will follow

wow !

September 26, 2009

ohhhhh where do i start ? Where ???

in nearly 9 days im gonna be in dubai again !! im gonna be seeing the one thing that makes happy right to that tiny bit in my TINY tummy! omgzz Dubai Coca Cola !!

🙂 and of course Mr Yums smile ! ( ok that was a little gay) but OMGZZZ I cant wait !! and cant believe im actually gonna be there again !! the gurl who never went on holiday never ever well i did a bit obv but not like this !! Dubai twice in one year ! omgzz hello ! This time its 8days ! 8 whooollleee days of everything beautiful and cool !!

I am without a doubt the happiest girl in the world !!


anyway.. enough of the gay lame rubbish… Pics are to be made !! vids to be uploaded !! a little bit different that before…


I do have a little fuzz in my head.. that i think needs to be removed.. im scared to talk incase…

Oh im gonna go try my new bikinis on !!

<stretches> Oh hello dubai

Im got :)

August 5, 2009

Everything is good just now……. im getting back to the way I was before….. 🙂

I love when its 17:06  every day it makes me smile….

how sad is that ! but its the simple things…

Cant wait for oct !! sooooo excited !!

Cant wait for Hotel Corridors !

im good…  and omgzz that boy is yum!


Jellybean dream

July 19, 2009


I <3

I ❤

This song makes me 🙂 like loads… and today well it made me laugh sooo much..

Blondie made these girls little dirty dirtys ! specially the one bouncing up and down !! shame about the glasses!

gin gin <3

July 18, 2009

I love this toooooo much !

my bros finance made it … its her being him dedicating his love to her

gin gin you are lol


July 18, 2009

Soooo I had a quiz for Mr Yum.. I had great plans great plans indeed…  however I did not have enough time to sort these all (only 4 weeks) so yeah I failed 😦

I wasnt happy about it but oh well… he missed out on belly dancing ! with proper skirt and tassles ! Clap sign! (on my blinds) me actually being a proper quiz host

not an embarassed lame one… the challenge ! the boobie prize.. and loads more.. Sorry Mr Yum

Anyway… when he came in I sat him down and let him watch these vids….



How could he fail to not love this !!!

He won many good prizes !! my fav being the dodgy prize ! A cup with the pic of him and the dolphin !!! ahhh forever will that day be in his mind

when he drinks from the cup… milk milk lemon…………


I had fun… 🙂

Now I must wait another 5/6 weeks for his return …..I better get thinking

its back……..

July 18, 2009

At last my youtube is back…. well not my old selftappingscrewkit one

This one….



July 14, 2009










July 9, 2009




GO ON !!

July 6, 2009
dare you to

dare you to


that was loud

that was loud



mr yum

June 27, 2009

Im cried a few tears of excitement last night ! why ????

OMGZZZ  let me tell you why!!





I have a surprise planned for him that really was his idea hhahahahah.. Cant wait to see him

even though it will only be for a few hours but OMGZZZ nothing could be better !

cant wait !